Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been trying to keep this to myself, but today is the day the saints at Sparkfun are giving away $100 worth of free merchandise per customer until they reach $100k. All you have to pay is shipping! Currently, the site is down :-( but I'm waiting patiently for my turn. I just hope people are going to be honest and not cheat. I know it's inevitable with this clientele though :-\.

Here's my list:
Since I have a few PSPs, I figure I can experiment with one of them. I want to put a touchscreen on it. Seems like fun.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Update 1: :-(

Update 2: It's over. I didn't get it. Oh well. Gives me more time to plan my project instead of just impulse buying :-). I still plan on having these parts procured within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks anyway Sparkfun!