Monday, April 12, 2010

POC proved the concept!

Last week I was given the responsibility of creating a proof-of-concept so that we can present to a company to try to get their business. I was a bit nervous because I had never had this type of pressure put on me. It was up to me to create an application nice enough as to capture the attention of this company and instill in them the necessity to do business with us.

Anyway, sparing you the dramatics (lol), it worked! I got word today that the company wants to move forward with us, and we'll be developing a full app for them. This is exciting for me because I built this app from the ground up. I ran into a couple of snags along the way, and worked through them by finding resources online as well as utilizing my teammates' knowledge.

The POC wasn't perfect, but it was impressive enough to get us the work. Now I'm looking forward to perfecting it for the official builds!