Monday, July 12, 2010

Eclipse and Java for the Total Beginner

So I decided to get serious about learning Java today. I took a course in college, but it didn't really prepare me as much as I'd like. These tutorials that I found are really helpful. They are not only filling in the gaps I missed in Java and OOP, but teaching me the features and functionality of the Eclipse IDE as well.

I am getting to implement various aspects of Agile/ XP Methodologies. I'd previously read about these, but am now getting a chance to put them into practice. I am learning about Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development, by creating test cases before the classes. I am also building competency using JUnit testing framework, and the Eclipse IDE as a whole.

In addition to these video tutorials, I'm also taking online training on Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
through my job. The goal is to be a more well-rounded programmer with a strong understanding of fundamental primciples. Eventually, this will help me properly dive into Android programming as well.

Check out the Java tutorials out if you're interested!