Monday, October 15, 2012

Wait...I'm smart???

At work the other day, I came to an astonishing epiphany - I am smart. Like smarter than I thought I would ever be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not conceited. I just thought of all the obstacles I've overcome on the route I took to get to where I am, and I became almost overwhelmed with a sense of pride in my accomplishments to date, as well as excited about the things I have yet to achieve.

Y'all still don't feel me's a little background.

Throughout my educational and professional career, I have been around smart people who have done and understood things that absolutely blew my mind. I can vividly remember thinking I'd never reach that level of understanding in any subject. Not that I didn't WANT to, it's just that I was so far from it, I couldn't fathom it.

I have a trait which has been quietly working in my favor all along - my desire to seek knowledge. Whenever I learn about something new, I like to understand as much about it as possible. By gaining a fundamental understanding of how something functions, I'm able to apply that knowledge to a broad range of similar technologies.

Over the past few years, I've gotten deep, technical understandings of operating systems (desktop and mobile), cellular communications, and automotive bus networking (CAN). These are my main three areas of interest, so whenever I get a chance, I dig into them, gaining a little more knowledge with every new endeavor.

I enjoy doing things like hacking my iPhone - not to be malicious, just because I'm curious about how it works. I'm intrigued by how all the complex systems in mobile and automotive environments mesh together in (general) harmony. I like to take on hardware projects as well. I order components from Sparkfun and build small embedded projects. My goal is to merge all of these interests into one idea and probably take over the world...ruthlessly and by force if necessary (just kidding...kinda).

Until then, good luck.

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